Research and design for your safety 

"We do not, in fact, live on the top of the solid earth but at the bottom of an ocean of air."


The air, one of the four elements that has interested scientists and philosophers since ancient Greece. An element whose study has given rise to the most important laws of physics. We realise its true value when we miss it; and we do our best to protect its natural characteristics with the sole aim of breathing clean air again, only when the air quality is becoming poor.

Our values

My Air Pure Srl is a small but dynamic and innovative company on the outskirts of Milan, created to produce and distribute Made in Italy sanitisers and air purifiers. A choice driven by the growing need to live on a planet according to principles of sustainability and environmental quality that can no longer be ignored. The European Economic Community and the main World Organisations are urging governments and companies to increase everyone’s awareness of these issues.

Our mission

We at My Air Pure Srl have also decided to do our bit. Thanks to the support of our scientific researchers, to the technical skills we have acquired in the world of technologically advanced LEDs and to the opportunity to exploit over twenty years’ experience in the world of designer lighting, we have launched My Air Pure on the market: the design solution for purifying and sanitising the air in homes, offices and shops. An ideal product for fighting viruses and bacteria, but also useful for reducing allergies and effective against fungispores and other pollutants.