Customise your My Air Pure

My Air Pure is a revolutionary product that lends itself to countless customisation possibilities

Types of customisation

Our experience and collaborations with nationally and internationally designers allow us to propose a functional, safe and scientifically proven device, creating a unique design object according to our customers' needs.

Basic Customisation

Advanced Customisation

Idee e progetti

Basic Customisation

Our team of designers can develop tailor-made designs for individuals and companies, which make My Air Pure even more unique and recognisable, enhancing the company brand and personal idea.

It is possible to work on:

  • Laser printing of a logo
  • Colours
  • Finishes
  • Surfaces
  • Materials
  • Coatings

Advanced Customisation

Our team of designers is1 able to design a sanitiser and air purifier for you that becomes a piece of furniture, a decorative and design object.

It is possible to work on:

  • Morphologies
  • Destinations of use
  • Materialsi





Innovation and creativity.

If you are a company, a designer, an architect, an industry professional and have a project in mind to make your My Air Pure unique, send us a request, we will be happy to evaluate the feasibility of your idea!